Cremation is being chosen with more frequency than in the past. 

The decision may be based on spiritual, religious, cultural, or
philosophical beliefs; or it may be made for economic reasons.

Our family understands the need for a comfortable atmosphere in which to honor
a loved one's life. Embracing the changing needs of those we serve; we are progressive, professional, and committed to providing opportunities to customize a
special tribute to the life that was lived. 

The comfort and commemoration provided by the long standing traditions of 
viewings and funeral services are still available when you choose cremation. 

Family and friends still have the desire and need to come together
to remember and commemorate the life of their loved one. 
We can explain your options and you can decide what suits you.

Your loved one never leaves our care.

We own and operate the first crematory in the Shippensburg area.
Owning and operating our own crematory means that your loved one is always in our care
rather than having to be transported to a crematory operated by a third party. 

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 Choosing cremation does not preclude you from having services to honor your loved one.

With cremation services  you may choose:

- a traditional public visitation and service
  at our funeral home or your church   

- a private viewing with a service

- a private viewing only

- a memorial service

- a graveside service

- a burial or scattering of cremains 

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We offer a selection of urns and cremation containers to accommodate  the needs of the service you select. 


You may browse
our collection of urns.

 Additional styles are available.


Green Options: We can care for your loved one who has passed while we take care of those who remain, and for our fragile world.  

Ask us about options that allow you to honor your loved one and honor the environment. 
 All metal cremains are recycled in an environmentally sound manner with all proceeds donated to a local charity. 
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