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Ways to Help Ease the Pain for a Bereaved Parent

Often we mistakenly believe speaking about a friend or family member's child will only remind them of their loss. NOT TRUE. Speaking the child's name helps the parent to know their baby or child is not forgotten.

Here are 5 specific ways to help ease a bereaved parent's pain. Read more


10 Facts about Grief and Grieving by Dr. Bill Webster

One reason that we often find grief such a difficult challange is that we have never learned what to expect. The following facts will help you understand some crucial truths about frief and grieving, and how we can work through the process to find healing. 

1. Grief is normal. Grief is not a disease. It is the normal, human response to a significant loss. People may encourage you to "be strong" or "not to cry". But how sad it would be if someone we cared about died and we didn't cry or we carried on as if nothing had happened. I'd like to think that someone will miss me enough to shed a tear after I'm gone. Wouldn't you? When you lose someone special from our life you are going to grieve. Our grief is saying that we miss the person and that'we're struggling to adjust to a life without that special relationship. Admittedly, saying that grief is NORMAL does not minimize its DIFFICILTY. It may be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. But you are not crazy, or weak, or "not handling things". You are experiencing grief and after a significant loss that is a normal response.   read more