Peace of Mind 

Pre-planning provides peace of mind for you and for your loved ones.  

On the most difficult day of their life, it spares your family the emotional strain of making arrangements only hours after losing their loved one.  It relieves them of the burden of decision making when they are experiencing grief and emotional stress.

"Based on my positive experience, I write this to encourage others to preplan and prepay funeral arrangements for your loved ones and/or yourself. As a marketing assistant to Kitty Dugan, I have promoted the benefits of preplanning. I knew it made sense, but didn't really see the actual need. However, after walking through the experience first-hand, I appreciate and understand in a much deeper way why preplanning is such a benefit." (Read more)
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Personal Wishes

When you put the decisions about your personal wishes into  writing, you replace what could be a burdensome decision process with a sense of relief for your family.

  • Pre-planning  allows you the time to think through and make  practical decisions that reflect your life, your taste and your values. 
  • You can be as detailed in your planning as you would like. 
  • When you pre-arrange you ensure that your final arrangements will be what you want. 
  • You give your loved ones the gift of knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.


Economic Benefit

By planning in advance you eliminate surprises at what can be a difficult time.

If you choose to pay in advance, not only do you free your family from the financial obligation; you also   lock-in today's costs, eliminating the uncertainty of rising expenses.  

We plan for our vacations, weddings and our children's education.  We protect ourselves from the unexpected with insurance for our homes, automobiles and health.  Preparing for our final services is another way that we can bring order to, and create security in our lives, and those of our loved ones.

Transferrable Pre-arrangement Plans

If you have already pre-planned with another funeral home and now would prefer to have us handle your services, call us.

Pre-arrangement plans are often transferrable and we will handle the necessary paperwork. It is not necessary for you to contact the current Funeral Home.  You may be able to upgrade your selections or entitle your beneficiary to a refund if our costs are lower than those where you have already arranged.

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      Always available to talk with you

and answer any questions

we'll help you understand your options

in order to make decisions

that best suit you and your family. 

   Our comfortable Consultation Room 
      for discussing arrangements.   

 There is no charge for a consultation. 


Office hours are 8:30 - 4:00, M - F. And, we are always available by appointment.
Please call 717-532-4100, or email us to schedule an appointment.


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 We will help you celebrate life and remember your loved one's story.

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