The benefits of preplanning.

"Based on my positive experience, I write this to encourage others to preplan and prepay funeral arrangements for your loved ones and/or yourself. As a marketing assistant to Kitty Dugan, I have promoted the benefits of preplanning. I knew it made sense, but didn't really see the actual need. However, after walking through the experience first-hand, I appreciate and understand in a much deeper way why preplanning is such a benefit."

"My sister and I recently assisted our parents in discussing and deciding upon their future funeral arrangements. While this topic wasn't easy to address initially, we are all very thankful and relieved to have their choices placed securely into Allen and Kitty's compassionate, professional hands."

"We now have peace of mind knowing that our parents' wishes will be fulfilled. While discussing options and gathering needed information, it was so much easier to learn special details and find important documents while our parents were still able to assist us. And, as heart-breaking as it is to watch a close family member approach the death of a loved one, I see her peace of mind (as much as is possible at this difficult time) because they also chose to preplan."

"Just as we plan for other life events such as births and weddings, it also makes sense to plan ahead for the natural life experience of celebrating the life lived here on earth and passing into our eternal home. I honestly believe we will be able to focus on celebrating our parents' lives more fully when that time comes because important funeral decisions have been made in advance, and we have a plan in place."

                                                                                        - Trena Oyler