ServicesYou can have your service where you want and the way you want it.
You may choose the place, the day, and the time of the service.
You may select the music to be played, the prayers and poems
to be said, and the songs you would like to have sung.
We can arrange to have doves, butterflies or balloons released
at the conclusion of the service. We will help you create a
memorable and meaningful service to honor your loved one.
We will help you decide what is the right thing so that you have
peace of mind through the coming years.

  An example of a
        personalized service to        

Honor a Hunter
           Hunter boots a 


  Hunter Lc  


This service was designed for an avid hunter.

Some of his favorite hunting trophies 

are included in the floral display

on either side of the casket. 



    As the family visited with friends, 

the hunting seasons and successes

of this man were the topics of much

reminiscing and stories of shared adventures.

  Hunter Rc  

At other services we have arranged the racks
of deer antlers over the casket in place of
a floral spray. 




Rather than a traditional casket spray,

this woodsy arrangement was created,

with a small turkey nestled among the grasses.

       Hunter spray c      

  The family and friends of this man felt that

the display, music and tone of the service

suited him and honored the life that he lived.

     NB: Permission was given by the family to use these photos.   


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