For the times when you just need a smile, we share a variety of smile starters and we update them weekly. Feel free to email us ideas to use!

Hi My Name Is

How many names does your furry family member have?

Beach Towel From Costco

Sure are lots of advantages to a towel this size, LOL.
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If Your Mom

Well, probably not over ... 
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Friendship Isn 't A Big Thing

Hang onto the little things! Found at


Push Me

Who could refuse that face? LOL
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Nope I Have Not Seen

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Transmission Trouble

Perhaps transmission trouble?
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New UPS driver on the route. Don't you love online shopping?
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Someone Get Me Coffee

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I Need A Pair Of Glasses

Oh........I think some of us can relate.
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If 40 Is New 30

Well, why not? Found at


A Girl And Her Pig

How would you caption this vintage photo? 
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Sea Lions

So sweet! Found at:

We 're All Mature Bubble Wrap

Anyone else willing to admit this?

Lucy Great Friend

Lucy and Ethel! Oh the memories...


Always Smiling

Let's go with "always smiling!"

Every Day Above Ground

Oh my, can we get an "Amen?"


Feeding Dog Under The Table

Would this be you too? Found at

Puppy Backpack

Isn't this adorable?
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Be A Grandfather

Haha, who can relate?? Found at:

I Officially Resign

On some days this approach is quite tempting.
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Kitty Kissing Woman

Oh, that we could love like our furry friends.
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Changing From Jeans To Pajama Pants

Oh how we know the feeling! Found at:

Such Good Buddies

Such. Good. Buddies. Found at:

Dieting Two Hours

Who can relate??!!
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Great Photobomb

Great photobomb!! Found at

Your Girlfriends Will Outlive Your Husband

Good advice! Found at


Sold Dog On Craigs List

Hope this also makes you laugh out loud!
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What To Expect In Toddler Years

No. Words. Needed.
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What Sandwich

"I turned around for just a second." This reminds me of someone I know!
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Houston 3(2)

Chappo - caught red-pawed. So much for that Gerber daisy.
Then, he had the audacity to shake it in front of me!
It's a good thing Oreck called just after I found this.


Bunny Buddies

Bunny buddies!
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Keep Smiling

Hang on and keep smiling!
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What Cake

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No More Coffee Today2

"No more coffee today."
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Lamb Feb 2016 Copy

What a special treat - I got to hold this tender lamb.
Who needs a teddy bear when you have a little lamb?


12 Hours Of Labor 

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Moms Cookie Recipe

Don't you love this family's sense of humor?
Found on Facebook, The Conversation Project.

  Just Before The Funeral _400



  Senility Prayer



 If You Don 't Have A Smile

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 Pilots Twins

Don't you just LOVE this?
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Tutu Dance

This could be our Chappo!!
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 The Line Up

Isn't this just too cute??


The -funeral -director 



 Mr . Elk

 A fun memory from last year at Showers Tree Farm. Remember - "Don't tell Allen about Mr. Elk.   


Died From Not Forwarding That Email Tombstone

Saw this and had to snag it from a friend's Facebook page!


The Face People Make When They Find Out

This is EXACTLY the look!


Fireman Kitty Dugan

Donning my "Fireman" gear at the 2014 Shippensburg Fair.


Or Give It To Your Mother

Enough said.


 Jerry Cramer -Dixie Parr -Kitty Dugan

You see the nicest folks at the fair!   #‎Shippensburg‬'s finest, Jerry Cramer, lovin' on Dixie Parr and me.